We assist in the highest and best use of space allocation matched against organizational requirements. Our staff has all the benefits of both experience and professionalism.  As a team, our goal is to meet the needs of developers, SOI takes pride in providing design solutions, organization, and efficiency to your specific needs.

Understanding these six major elements of Office Space Design makes the difference:

Comfort - Assuring that work stations are adjustable and suited to the task, whether sitting, standing, spending hours at the computer or on the phone 

Efficiency - Locating work teams in convenient proximity, placing equipment near workers who use it most

Communication - Organizing each department for the most effective means of communicating internally and externally with co-workers and customers

Productivity - Maintaining a logical flow throughout the office or lab

Effectiveness - Establishing clear goals and objectives for the work environment

Ergonomics – SOI will properly plan the entire workspace within the science of ergonomics and long term productivity in mind.

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Project Management

Our Services

storage and relocation

Our install team is at the job site to handle any on-site receiving of product, stage items according to installation plans - through the final walk through. Your project manager aids in the process of orchestrating this final masterpiece. Checking the job for complexity, determining the appropriate manpower, and reviewing the installation drawings with the lead installer. The crew gets to work in a systematic plan of implementation and execution.

No matter what the product, no matter what the logistical complexities, our trained installers are experts in the reconfiguration and installation of today’s furniture systems. We arrive at the job fully prepared, with all the tools, equipment, and personnel required to complete the job successfully.

In completing your project, the lead installer performs a final walkthrough checking thoroughly that everything is complete. Most punchlist issues are resolved in real time, with all other items written up and given top priority.

When purchasing new furniture is not an option, companies look for alternative ways to upgrade their work environment. Sometimes just updating your upholstery fabrics and/or laminate finish selections will breathe new life into your worn assets.

Our TEAM is the best in the business, not only trained and knowledgeable, but also equipped with the necessary tools and part to professionally fix or refinish your furniture. We can provide long-term preventative maintenance programs or just fix your broken furniture.

We specialize in touchup and repair.


Space planning

Starting with a thorough analysis of the project, and then develop a detailed work plan that includes a complete schedule of project activities. Our Project Managers coordinate projects of all sizes and complexity ensuring that they are completed cost effectively; and meet or exceed customer expectations within set time frame and budgets. 

Process includes but not limited to: Project analysis, schedule/timeline, project meetings, receiving, delivering, installation, punch list and warranty. 


Our programming tools and our advanced planning strategies allow us to address key business goals for our clients. By utilizing these tools we can offer a tailored solution for your space planning, furniture standards and interior design needs by providing professional CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAP (Automated Furniture Specifications) capabilities that assist you in your planning process. (see DIRTT for additional information).

We offer Relocation Services to help accommodate the entire process from start to finishing to maintenance. We can provide you with free estimates at a time that is convenient for your business. Here is a brief list of our Relocation Services to help ease your relocating process:
Office Furniture Moving: We will relocate your furniture to your new office or storage facility.  We can displace and replace the furniture after construction and/or the carpeting process. Disassembling, packing, storage, discard, re-sale, delivery and reassembling are all services that we can provide during the relocation process.

Office Furniture Storage: We will pack, protect and store your furniture at our warehouse or at a facility of your choice. 

Office Furniture Maintenance: From Scotch Guarding to steam cleaning to repairs, we will make sure your office furniture stays clean and safe for you and your employees. Our service includes repairs and servicing to all aspects of your work stations keeping the office free of hazards.

Our storage & relocation rates are very competitive. Call us today to find out more about our storage capacity & scheduling; or schedule an appointment to tour the warehouse.